What is Pamm account?

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07 Sep 2023

Familiarity with the concept of PAMM account

Familiarity with Pamm Account in Forex

Today, the role of investment accounts in the forex market is becoming more and more colorful. Forex is an interbank market where the value of currencies is measured against each other. In order to enter this market, investors need the trading account provided by a Forex broker. These accounts can have different types, which are available to investors depending on the needs and abilities of the investors. One of these accounts is the Pamm account, which has a long history in the forex market, and in this article we are going to talk completely about the mechanisms of this market.

What is Pamm account?

The word PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module. Pamm account is one of the trading accounts in the Forex market that enables investors to entrust their capital to an account manager (usually a professional trader) and share the profits and loss of transactions.

In a Pamm account, investors trust the Pamm Account Manager and connect their capital into the manager's account. The manager uses these funds to make a profit for investors in his transactions. Possible profits and losses of these transactions are divided by the percentage of the investor paid.

One of the key features of the Pam account is that the PM account manager must also invest. This makes the trader make more responsible decisions for his transactions and have an incentive to make more profit.

On the other hand, the account manager can receive a commission for his services. This commission is usually based on the profit that the account manager has made for the investors, which means that the account manager only receives a commission when the investors make a profit.

Pumm accounts are suitable for people who are willing to invest in the Forex market but do not have the skills or time to trade in this market. Using the Pam Account, they can benefit from the experience and knowledge of the account manager.

However, same as any other investment, investing in a Pamm account has its risks. These risks include the possibility of losing capital, the risk of trust management inappropriate account management, and the risk of inability to harvest capital at the right time. Therefore, every investor must carefully examine the terms and conditions of that account before investing in the Pamm Account.

How to calculate PAMM account profit?

The profit in the PAMM account is divided according to the capital invested by each investor. Suppose the manager of Pamm's account started investing with two other investors. The first investor invested $50,000, the second investor $30,000 and his account manager $20,000. In total, the account has $100,000.

Calculate Profit in PAMM Account

Now suppose the account manager makes $10,000 in profit. This profit is divided according to the percentage of capital that each person has entered. So, the first investor to fund 50% of the account gets $5,000 of interest. The second investor, who has secured 30% of the account, receives $3,000 of interest. And the account manager, who has secured 20% of the account, receives $2,000 in profits.

Finally, this division should be based on the contract that exists between investors and the account manager. In some cases, the account manager may receive a commission based on the profits they have earned. This commission can be defined as a fixed or variable percentage of total profit. Therefore, the final dividend of profits should also take into account commissions.

Is the PAMM account suitable for beginner traders?

On the other hand, using a PAMM account can allow beginner traders to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a professional trader.

This gives them the opportunity to learn about the forex market while at the same time taking part in real trades and making profits. On the other hand, it gives them a better understanding of the mechanism of market behavior and at the same time less risky than trading independently. However, Pamm's account also has its own risks, which we will discuss below.

Familiarity with the risks of the PAMM account

The first risk is choosing the wrong account manager. If the account manager is not selected with sufficient skills or knowledge, investors may face losses. To this end, it is important to thoroughly investigate the account manager's records and its trading strategies before investing.

The second risk is that the PAMM account can take advantage of beginner traders the opportunity to learn independently. If a beginner trader relies entirely on the account manager instead of learning independently and developing his own strategy, he or she may have difficulties in developing trading in the long run.

Finally, the PAMM account can be a useful option for beginner traders, but it should be used carefully and thoroughly.

How to Evaluate PAMM Account Manager in the Forex Market?

The PAMM account manager assessment in the Forex market can be done through a review of several factors. The following are the items to consider:

Past Performance:

How long Pam's account manager worked on his account and what performance he recorded at different time intervals such as annual, monthly and weekly intervals.

Risk Level:

The amount of risk tolerance that the PAMM account manager considers should be in line with your risk tolerance. You can determine this by looking at the Drawdown chart and the amount of fall in capital.


Pamm account managers usually charge a portion of your profits as a fee. This percentage is in the PAMM account manager's profile and you can be aware of it before investing. Keep in mind that these costs must be fair and reasonable. Typically, Forex brokers allow the PAMM account manager to receive between 5 and 50 percent of the profit as a commission.

Success in Business:

The success rate of trades, the number of profitable trades compared to the total number of trades, can reflect the ability of the PAMM account manager.

Number of Investors:

The number of investors can indicate how much an investor trusts in the account manager.

Work Experience and Credit:

The account manager's background and work history should be checked. If the account manager has no record or if he has a history of failures and troubles, this may indicate that he or she is not able to properly manage your account.

It is always recommended that you do sufficient research before choosing the Pam account manager and interview several different managers to be sure of your choice.


The forex market is a large and complex market that can provide numerous profitable opportunities for experienced and beginner investors. Pam accounts and copy trading accounts are two different ways to invest in this market, both benefiting from the experience and knowledge of professional traders. However, both methods have their own risks and must be carefully researched to use them. Finally, the decision to use a PAMM account or a copy trade account should be determined based on the objectives, risk tolerance, and level of experience and knowledge of each investor.