What is Copy trading?

Kopito Academy
01 Mar 2023

What is copy trading? Important points to consider

Copy trading is a type of investment strategy where a trader can automatically copy the trades of another successful trader. The copied trader's actions will then be replicated in the copier's trading account. This is made possible by specialized platforms like Kopito, a "Strategy follower" account to a "Strategy provider" account. The follower then has the option to adjust the amount of funds they allocate to copying a particular Strategy Provider and the ability to stop copying at any time. This approach can offer a convenient and potentially profitable alternative to traditional investment methods, but it also carries risks and should be thoroughly researched and understood before implementation.

Is copy trading a version of social media in financial markets?

In some ways, copy trading platforms can be social media platforms in the financial market. Both types of platforms allow for the sharing of information and the creation of networks among users. In the case of copy trading platforms, traders can share their trades and investment strategies, while investors can observe and copy the trades of successful traders. This creates a social network of traders and investors where information and ideas can be shared and leveraged to achieve common goals.

Forex copy trading

Copy trading in the forex market

The Forex market is one of the most popular for copy trading, as it is a highly liquid market with many participants. Forex copy trading allows traders to copy the positions taken by successful forex traders, thus potentially benefiting from their expertise and improving their trading results. However, it's important to note that past performance is not always indicative of future success. That copy trading in the forex market still carries its risks, such as copying a trader with a losing streak. It is recommended to thoroughly research and understand the trader you are considering copying before starting to copy trade.

Can we consider copy trading as a shortcut in the financial markets?

Copy trading can be seen as a shortcut to investing in the financial market because it allows traders to benefit from the experience and success of other traders without having to spend the time and effort required to develop their expertise and track record. However, it is essential to note that copy trading has no guarantee of success, just like any other investment strategy. Various market conditions and other factors can still impact the performance of the trader you are copying, and there is a risk that you could lose money through copy trading.

Critical factors for more profitable investment in copy trading

Critical factors for more profitable investment in copy trading

It is essential to carefully evaluate the trader you are considering copying to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of risk involved and that the strategy aligns with your investment goals. Copy trading should not be considered a substitute for research and due diligence. Investing in copy trading carries some level of risk, as with any investment, but there are steps you can take to reduce this risk:

Trader track record: 

It's essential to carefully evaluate the trader you are considering copying, including their performance history and the types of trades they make. Consider factors such as consistency of performance, risk management, and the trader's overall trading strategy.


Be aware of any fees associated with using the copy trading platform. Copying trades in Kopito is not like other platforms that include costs like performance fees, management fees, or withdrawal fees. Coping trading in Kopito is free and would not impact the overall returns generated through copy trading, unlike other platforms that charge investors several costs.

Risk management: 

How to manage risk in copy trading?

Consider how the platform handles risk management, such as setting stop loss levels or allocating funds across multiple traders. It's also essential to understand the potential risks involved in copy trading and to only allocate a portion of your investment portfolio to this strategy.


Diversifying your portfolio by copying multiple traders, rather than relying on a single trader, can help to reduce overall risk. This can help to mitigate the impact of a single trader's poor performance on your overall investment portfolio.


Consider the level of control over your copy trading account, such as adjusting the amount allocated to a particular trader or stopping copying at any time.

Allocate a portion of your portfolio: 

An important note to be aware of before starting copy trading transactions

Allocate only a part of your investment portfolio to copy trading rather than relying on it as your sole source of income. This can help minimize the overall impact of copy trading on your portfolio while allowing you to take advantage of the potential benefits.


Before investing in copy trading, you must thoroughly research and understand the trader you are considering copying and the platform you are using. Considering factors such as trader track record, platform reliability, fees, risk management, diversification of your portfolio, monitoring performance, setting stop loss levels, and flexibility in your decision-making process can help to reduce the risk of investment in copy trading. However, it's important to remember that no investment strategy is risk-free, and you should be prepared to accept some level of risk when investing in copy trading.