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How To Invest

Kopito is like a catalyst for financial markets' investors. We connect traders and those investors who do not have sufficient knowledge or time to trade themselves, so both can make more. Investors can easily explore the trader's profile for profitability and trading history performance through time and connect their accounts to theirs.


Find A Strategy

Kopito has a great pool of traders from all over the world. Each trader has its strategies and required investment criteria. By clicking on each Strategy Provider on the Copy Traders section you can review all necessary information and statistics to evaluate and choose a trader.


Add To Portfolio

Once you have evaluated a trader and ensured its profitability, you can easily add the trader to your portfolio. You will connect your trading account to his account so that the order will be automatically copied to your trading account.


Adjust Copy Preferences

After reviewing each trader's performance, you can adjust your copy trading strategy from his account based on your preferences. You can set your equity ratio, trading volume, max drawdown, or the number of simultaneous trades you want to copy from a specific trader.


Top Traders

Investors' funds are under their control on the account they have created on the introduced broker.
Investors should choose one of our partner brokers and connect their brokerage account to our platform.

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